Global Patch Notes:

Patch 1.2 brings a number of updates to the CFM1:

RANDOM and EUCLIDEAN screens (see below)

LIVE mode (see below)

Graphics and UI improvements

Bug corrections:

MIDI In (DIN/USB) is now fully functional, with external BPM syncing.

Enable external clocking in the "SYNC" tab of the parameters screen!

Engine improvements:

The CPU ressources allocation has been optimized so that whenever possible, LFO and ADSR's resolution will be higher. From our testing, this will be active when you are sending less than 8 LFO/ADSR tracks (which are the most CPU intensive sends). 

ADSR's amplitude has also been increased to allow more gain when used with a VCA.

Put the ZIP file onto a USB stick, then plug it into the CFM1.

In the parameters tab, click update.

The CFM1 reboots and the update is done.

If the USB stick is not detected, or if any other error message appears please refer to the online user manuel (Support page).

If your current app is 1.0 download this zip file:

If your current app is 1.1 download this zip file:

Note: don't forget to delete the old update file from your download folder!

Note: if you find a bug please report it to us so we can correct it in the next patch!

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