Eurorack Sequencer and Toolbox.

HD Touchscreen

12 assignable CVs

A Sequencer with a built in ADSR / LFO generator









- 12 CV outputs:  each CV is assignable to send Gate/Pitch/ADSR/LFO. 

- Sync output: can be assigned to send a "Sync" signal (24 / 48 PPQ) or a "Clock" (BPM divider down to 64 and multiplier up to 64)

- Endless encoder high precision knob to navigate the screens, select parameters and zoom

- MIDI ports: In and Out MIDI ports

- USB Hub: Enables USB external storage and USB MIDI (MIDI in and MIDI out) 





Each of the 12 outputs can be assigned to one of five modes.

This mean you can have 12 sequences, 12 LFOs, or any combination of the five modes!


- Easy editing:  zoom x 16, note length from 1/16 to 8, multitouch and motion tracking, polyrhythm

- Files management: Internal and external file saving and loading, importing and exporting of MIDI files



- Synced with the sequences:  the ADSR generation is built inside the sequencing engine, so ADSR are sent in sync and their length is defined as a number of steps

- Internal Triggers: ADSR are sent when triggered by your sequences, just like a GATE would



- Synced with the sequences:  the LFO generation is built inside the sequencing engine, so LFO are sent in sync and their frequency is defined as a number of steps

- Full control: Use the touchscreen to shape the LFO as wanted! You can change the shape and phase

- Manual mode adjust the steps by drawing directly on the circle!



- Graphic display:  you can adjust the steps and offset directly on the screen using the faders and the touchscreen



- Crazy pitch:  This output generates both random triggers and random notes! You can set the range using the faders on the touchscreen.

- Ratcheting steps: You can also sets ratcheting to output multiple triggers at once


You can use one of the two following interface to control the outputs:

Live mode


- 4x4 pad style:  You can mute / un-mute tracks to jam!

- Safe mode: Disable other buttons for maximum security when in a live set

Song mode


- Clips style:  You can construct a track by enabling your clips on the screen

- Project saves: You can save a whole project with construction and tracks, and then load it back


Can I use the CFM1 as a slave to other devices ?

Yes! The CFM1 can be used either as the master or as a slave. It receives MIDI over USB and DIN, so to use it as a slave just send it sync messages!

What about TRIG and RESET CVs ?

The 12 assignable CVs can be used to send PITCH, GATE, TRIG and RESET signals.

To send a TRIG CV just send a short GATE.

To send a RESET CV just send a GATE at the desired moment (for instance on the first step or on any other step to do some crazy RESET things).

Can I build a whole track with the CFM1 ?

Yes! The Song mode is our dedicated interface to do so. You can chain sequences and enable / disable them very easily, by using the touchscreen.

You have access to 16 different tracks, each assignable to a dedicated CV output or MIDI channel.

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